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Local News

Nottingham Post

NFFC Forums

LTLF Forum – COYR Forum

Nottingham Forest Supporter Sites

Seat Pitch – news, comment & NFFC features
Vital Forest – news, previews & reports
Stress & Pie – lively Forest match reports
Forest Ramble – Rich Ferraro’s blog and podcasts
Forza Garibaldi – fan led initiative to contribute to the atmosphere at NFFC
Supporters Club – membership information & activities
Brian Clough – remembering the legend

Forest Podcasts

Forever ForestReservoir Red DogsForest RambleTimeAddedOnPodMistRollingIn

Nottingham Forest Twitter

@SeatPitch@Nottm_Forest@InFromTheTrent@NFFCFamily@ForestFanBase@ItsMrDore@ForzaGaribaldi@ForestLogic@ForestFanzone@NFFC_Mainstand@NFFC_FanGroup@LTLF@NFFC_TrentEnd@NottmTails@Sarah_Clapson@NFFCTrustOfficial Twitter


YouTube – Matchday with MaxDore on Tour

Statistics & Data

soccerbase – Transfer MarktWhoScored.comFootball-LineupsFootball Web Pages

City Ground

Map – Football Ground Guide

Club History

Wikipedia – Forest Players – Honours & Records – Historical Kits

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